Thursday, 10 June 2010

50's,60's,70's, etc?

I love everything about these phones, there old, they look chunky and and retro, and seen as though people have turn'd there fashion sense to old and quirky these would fit in perfectly. i know i would'nt say no if someone handed me one! They come in a range of colours (black being the most popularest) and doing little research i found ebay selling them? Man i dont have ebay, but whoever does get out there and get one of these quirky telephones.


I've never ever ever ever! Created a blog before. i'm so excited...well not really, im finding it difficult even to upload a picture but im determined to keep going:)!
Anyways, this blog is about whats on my everday life mind and what i feel needs to be talked about. I think after the next few weeks i'll get used to blogging and hopefully be an expert. Anyhows enjoy if you read. ChowX